Jeff Speigner

Classes for Adults

Jeff is currently offering these classes for adults.

  • Take Charge of  Your Brand: Much more than a logo, your brand is the impression your organization makes on customers, suppliers, and supporters. It’s communicated though each contact; phone, email, website, printed literature, and personal conversation. During this 3-hour workshop, you’ll be guided through a process to identify your organization’s brand attributes and develop strategies to shape a cohesive brand strategy. Perfect for a small business owners and non-profit leaders.
  • Design Your Own Logo: Like a signature, your brands visual identity should be authentic, distinctive, and memorable. Whether you think you’re creative or not, this workshop will give you what you need to make an effective logo. Over the course of three, two-hour sessions, you’ll be guided through an informative and creative process to design a powerful logo for your business or non-profit.
  • Make Your Point with Power: Meant for presenters in any profession, this course will take you beyond bullet points to energize your presentations and engage your your audience in a persuasive way. We will work with the ever popular Microsoft PowerPoint, but the presentation concepts covered apply to any slide presentation software.
  • Take Better Pictures With Any Camera: Even if all you use to take pictures is your phone, you can learn to make the most and capture interesting pictures. Learning basic rules of composition, lighting, and camera angle can help anyone make better pictures in any situation. Join us on a fun and informative photo walk in Barrio Viejo.

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